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Specialst property clearance

Specialist property clearance services

House Clearance van Country Wide House Clearance offer a a range of specialist property clearance services throughout England, Scotland & Wales. We recognise that not all property clearances are standard and typical. Each property clearance can throw up different kind of challenges for example in terms of logistics, type of waste and completion times.

We offer the following specialist property clearance services

Verminous House Clearance services

Verminous House Clearance

Verminous properties represent an environmental and health and safety hazard and as such require a specialist clearance company to remove and dispose of verminous waste. We have over two decades of experience in clearing such properties and offer a comprehensive service from start to finish.

A verminous property can contain any of or all of the following kind of waste: decaying food, human feces, animal feces, bodily fluids (human or otherwise), animal carcasses, trauma scenes, death in the property, drug paraphernalia (needles etc.), and the general decaying of waste itself.

Verminous properties by their very nature are almost always cluttered and extremely hazardous to humans due to the potential to contract diseases and illnesses such as Weil's disease, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Cryptosporidiosis, E.Coli, Foot and mouth disease, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis. If you require a verminous House Clearance we can help you.

Cluttered (hoarding) House Clearance services

Cluttered House Clearance

We classify a cluttered property as one that contains lots of junk besides the usual and typical house-hold furniture and appliances. Junk and clutter such as books, bric-a-brac, bedding, clothing, kitchenware etc.

Basically properties that contain junk and clutter in every cupboard or wardrobe, the loft, garage, shed etc. Such properties can be the result of a legitimate illness such as compulsive hoarding disorder or because of ill-health and lack of mobility. Does your property contain lots of clutter that needs clearing or is the result of compulsive hoarding and needs decluttered? Call us, we can help.

Office clearance services

Office Clearance

We don't just specialise in House Clearances we also specialise in office clearances, from small offices to multi-storey offices covering thousands of square feet.

We can safely dismantle, remove and dispose of all kinds of office equipment such as heavy machinery, fixed and unfixed racking, large heavy safes, WEEE waste, IT equipment, telecommunication systems, old desks, computer chairs, filing cabinets and basic office junk in general. If you require an office clearance we can help you today.

Commercial & industrial property clearance services

Commercial & Industrial Property Clearance

Country Wide House Clearance offer a comprehensive commercial and factory clearance service throughout England.

Commercial and industrial property clearances are always difficult tasks because in most cases heavy machinery, plantware and large-scale waste will not only need removed but disposed of too. That's where we come in, we are factory clearance specialists. If you require a factory clearance we can help you today.

Property declutter & clean services

Property Declutter & Clean

Are you a compulsive hoarder or live in a house that is too cluttered and becoming unmanageable to keep clean or to even live in? We can help you declutter your property. We are experts at clearing cluttered properties.

Whether you require a property fully decluttered or partially decluttered or even simple assistance and advice in dealing with your clutter, we can help. We were recently contracted to declutter and clean a cluttered property in Leicester on behalf of the Social Services. We liaised with the social services and their client and after a site visit, we drew up an action plan to declutter the property.

We removed over one tonnes of clutter from the property such as unwanted clothes, magazines, and newspapers. We also cleaned the property, leaving the owner with a decluttered and clean home for the first time in years. If you require a property decluttered we can help you today.

Garden clearance & garden tidy up services

Garden Clearance & Garden Tidy Up

Country Wide House Clearance offer a comprehensive garden clearance and garden tidy up service throughout England. If you require a garden clearance or garden tidy up we can help you today.

Specialist property clearance testimonial

Customer testimonials My mother was a serial hoarder and when she died me and my family were left with the daunting prospect of clearing her large 3 bedroom semi which was cluttered from top to bottom. We were going to do it ourselves but we simply didn't know where to start so we looked around for a clearance company and found Country Wide who were brilliant from first contact to the actual completion of the clearance. They salvaged many items from the property which contained sentimental value and they also managed to salvage some antiques and a large quantity of money. They were very respectful and showed great professionalism throughout. I recommend them very highly, they are an excellent organisation with friendly staff. - Mr Lawson, Bristol More customer testimonials

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